Freaky, edgy or simply unique clothing and you want to save the environment at the same time? Then you have come to the right place!

Rantipole - vegan Online-Shop for sustainable clothing

We are a DIY-fashion label from Germany and all our products are vegan, organic and produced under fair conditions. We want to provide you with a wide variety of unique assortment, which is why we produce only in small quantities crafted by ourselves.
Starting from the idea, to the cut, to the finished sewn product, everything is created in our artist's workshop in Mannheim. Clothing made in Germany so to speak.

DIY "Do it yourself" is the program of our company! We take care of as many things as possible, in order to offer you decent clothing to fair prices! Sustainability and social justice are the goals, that are most important to us!


We attain environmental friendly production and fair conditions along the value chain by purchase of certified fabrics and products. Since the raw materials are certified, our products are clean-exhaust and in high-quality.

And we are doing also something for our animal friends! Vegan clothing goes with vegan lifestyle as eating vegan, or animal-friendly cosmetics. Yea.
We do not make use of animal materials and utilize as few plastic as possible. Instead we make use of high-quality material consisting of vegetable natural fibres, ivory nut, glas oder metal.

Please find more detailed information at About Rantipole.


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