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Video about Rantipole in our work shop


Article about Rantipole in the newspaper "Mannheimer Morgen"

Our vegan Stickers!


Rantipole gets the Vegan Friendly Certificate

"Fashion company from Mannheim shows that it is vegan friendly.

For owner Eva Hotz it`s natural to not only live vegan, but also to supply products, which she manufactures from vegan and fair trade production. For the young company it`s a matter of heart, that none of her projects harm any animal or the environment. Therefore Rantipole neglects the use of leather, fur, silk or down. But a vegan life-style goes far more than that. Also Material made of nacre, horn, leather and bone do not stand a chance and the original materials are organic. Rantipole`s customers are grateful for them. Rantipole`s success certifies that amazing products can also develop without animal suffering. The shop can always be contacted at

Today the fashion company Rantipole from Mannheim was solemnly awarded with the Vegan Friendly Certificate from Peter Suhling from Vegan Friendly. This vegan friendly seal originates from the Association for Vegan Life-Style. The BVL (Bund für Vegane Lebensweise) is ethically motivated. For the association health and ecology are a matter of heart. With the Vegan Friendly Seal the Bund für Vegane Lebensweise calls attention to the weak, who can not defend themselves and simultaneously helps those, who are interested in supporting vegan lifestyle. The Vegan Friendly Seal gives a better perspective in public. For further information about the Vegan Friendly Seal and many other pre-existing certified companies you can visit "

The article you can find here (German language):

Article about Rantipole in "Umwelt direkt" magazine


"Vegan fashion made in Mannheim
Vegan Onlineshop for sustainable clothes: Rantipole
Freaky, edgy or simply unique clothing and you want to save the environment
at the same time? – that's what the young fashion label Rantipole stands for. Individual garments and accessories for everyone who wants to wear somthing special, wants to stand out of the crowd or is simply searching for a highlight for his outfit. All offered clothes are vegan, made of organic materials and produced under fair conditions. Also Rantipole tries to avoid waste and they intend to reduce the use of plastic to a minimum. Starting from the idea, to the cut, to the finished sewn product, everything is created in their artist's workshop in Mannheim. DIY „Do it yourself" is the program of the company. Since the raw materials are certified, their products are clean-exhaust and in high-quality. Sustainability and social justice are the goals, that are most important to Rantipole!

Rantipole is offering a online shop with shipping to whole Europe at All news are also available at"

Kamikaze Radio

On the radio-station we gave an interview about Rantipole and environmental awareness in fashion industry. If you want to listen to the interview, you can find it on Ramtatta (Geman language).

Many vegan and vegetarian Shops you can find and review on
Happy Cow. There you can also find our Shop.

Reviews on HappyCow

Crowdfunding and information about the independent Punkfilm "Island of Individuals". Rantipole created the flyer for the crowdfunding.