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Size charts

Most of our clothes consist of elastic material. So don`t worry, if your measurements are some centimeters below or above than mentioned in the size charts. The clothes will still fit.
If you like to wear elastic clothing very tight, you should order in one size smaller.



The sizes in the Unisex-Chart form the middle between Men`s and Women`s sizes.
This means this clothing is larger than the same size for women, while clothes are smaller than the usual sizes for men. It would be best to compare measurements.


Measuring correctly

Only by measuring correctly you can determine your right size correctly. Of course not everybody has measuring tape at home, but you can determine your measurements with a few tricks. 
Just take a long shoe lace or a thread to measure. Mark where you have measured and and lay the shoe lace or thread by stretching it flatly and lenghthwise. Then take a ruler to determine the length. When measuring, it is important for you to stand up straight and under no circumstance should you try to make yourself look slim, for example by holding your breath.
As you can see, marked in blue, on the picture, you measure chest, waist, and hips. Try to measure as horizontal as possible around the body. You will have reached the right measurement, once you have found the widest part of your chest or waist. The hip measurement can therefore be lower, about crotch height. When measuring your waistline, you must find the thinnest part of your stomach.